Ayers Rock Roadhouse Fire

fire emergency plan

Sad news today to hear about last nights fire at the Ayers Rock Roadhouse. RFS and Emergency services attended the scene around 7:15 pm last night on the 31st of July. Located at North Arm Cove west of Hawks Nest on the Pacific Highway. The RFS has stated they had released 18 fire trucks to help fight the fire. Luckily the campground had been evacuated and all children are known to be safe and well! An AFS spokesperson has announced that everyone is accounted for with no injuries. The fire crew battled all night to keep fuel tanks from a nearby fuel station safe while the Ayers Rock structure was completely gutted and reduced down to a shell.

Designed to resemble Ullaru the structure was built in the early 1990’s by the Leyland Brothers who had an amazing vision. Also, a camp was built for children located at the back of the rock “The Great Aussie Bushcamp”. Growing up I was lucky to attend many school camps at “The Rock” which is what I called it as a child. Then to become an adult and move out to the area and use it as my local petrol station. This news is devastating! I clearly remember the canteen in the center where you would gather for dinner. A terrible loss is being felt right now not only by myself but also everyone else who grew up with this local icon.

Here at Survival Solutions, we send out our best to everyone from the young children evacuated to the people who have lost their jobs. Also to the amazing firefighters who spent hours fighting and protecting. Farewell Ayers Rock Roadhouse!

Thai Cave Rescue - What an amazing outcome!

Congratulations must go to all involved in the rescue of all 12 Wild Boars and their soccer coach from the Tham Luang cave. With the last of the boys and their coach being removed in a delicate evacuation late on Tuesday, it brings an end to one of the most dangerous and brave rescues in modern history.

The successful evacuation could not have been achieved without countless individuals committed to one outcome, get the boys and their coach out alive. This is one the finest examples in the world of how important it is to consider all risks and implement a planned strategy to get the desired outcome.

fire emergency plan
Just as important is your planning around being prepared for an emergency such as a fire or another incident in your workplace. The importance of having the correct fire safety equipment, located in the right position that will work if required by competent staff, is critical to ensure everybody is kept safe. Just like the cave rescue, it is of critical importance that you have a well-planned and practised strategy for the management of a workplace emergency, such as a fire that may require staff to utilize fire extinguishers and/or evacuate the building.

If you think you could be better prepared contact Survival Solutions today for a needs analysis, where we will meet with you at no charge to review and discuss what you have in place and what you might need.

Fire Safety Inspections in Strata Complexes

strata fire safety management

If you own a unit in a strata complex, you are probably scratching your head trying to work out how to come up with the quarterly strata fees, let alone any additional expenses such as fire safety repairs.

As an owner of a strata unit I understand your frustration, especially when it comes to the uncertainty around fire safety. With over 25 years fire industry experience, of which 20 have been as the owner of Survival Solutions, I have seen plenty of so called reliable and trustworthy experts come and go. Many of the providers from the past and some still present today, simply don’t understand the complexity associated with building compliance and certification, causing the trust of reputable and experienced businesses to be regularly questioned.

At Survival Solutions, we do have the experience and expertise to provide you with a level of certainty when it comes to fire safety management, through our team of experienced and qualified Certified Fire Safety Practitioners (CFSP). If you have doubts about the service you are receiving and think you deserve better, than contact Survival Solutions and let the new and enjoyable journey begin.

Joe Ashton's Infamous Show

fire service equipment check

Survival Solutions teamed up with Joe Ashton and his amazing team under the Spiegel big-top at Gosford recently. Survival Solutions were engaged to inspect and certify the vital fire safety equipment required to ensure performers and guests had the highest possible protection from fire or other emergencies. In return for this service Survival Solutions was given several tickets to see the show.

We had no idea what to expect but walked out very satisfied with the amazing entertainment. The show, performance and entertainment were spectacular and an absolute must for all adults on the Central Coast. We would like to thank Joe and his great team for a wonderful night and trust many other Central Coast residents will get the same experience.

Electrical Safety

Home Electrical Fire Safety

Be safe around the home

2016 saw 16 Electrical based fatalities in Australia, which is 16 too many but less than in previous years. We list the main causes of electrical hazards and fire in and around the home. Electricity cannot be seen or heard and is therefore a silent killer. READ MORE

Have you ever considered what happens to medical supplies and vaccination when there is a blackout?

We all know what it is like to lose power at the worst times, when it’s hot, cold or during a storm. But have you ever thought what do they do when medical supplies must be kept at a given temperature. There are some simple tips that work well for short term power loss such as:

  • • Have ice bricks available wrapped in bubble wrap at the ready
  • • Place as sign on the fridge door warning to keep closed
  • • Tape the door closed to prevent accidental opening
But what if the power supply was disrupted for several hours or even days?
Survival Solutions, in conjunction with our UPS technical team has developed an alternate reliable solution. Mobile UPS or uninterrupted power supply systems is the answer. We have developed and are now selling and renting our mobile back up power supply units to medical centres, dentists, chemists and vets to help protect this vital medical supply in the event of power loss. This simple but effective solution can be designed to suit a variety of applications and is simple to install and use.

Chemical Use & Storage Safety

Home Fire Safety
Is your home and shed safe from hazards?
Chemical found around the home can create a lethal cocktail of hazards or everyone, including children, adults and pets. Chemicals are usually stored in garages and workshops and can include: solvents such as turps, kerosene, methylated spirits, paint thinners, swimming pool chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, LPG cylinders, petrol and other fuels. We often don’t apply the same WHS rules around the home that we would at work and as a result serious incidents and accident can occur. Estimates put the number of children under 5 that are admitted to hospital for household poisoning at 4000 per year, with as many as 5 to 10 of these children dying as a result. Chemicals and hazardous materials are often stored in the wrong place and within reach of children.

General Home Fire Safety Tips

Home Fire Safety

Year after year many thousands of adults and children perish in house fires, with most dying from inhaling toxic smoke and deadly fumes. Sadly, most household fires are accidental and preventable.
In most cases where people have had house fires they often say “I never thought that would happen to me”. With complacency being a major contributor to house fires. The sad fact is that when it comes to safety around our homes we seem to think differently to the work place, perhaps it is because safety at home is not policed like safety at work, or that we don’t seem to identify and mitigate risk like we would at work.

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