Power Factor Correction Unit (PFC)

When your power factor correction unit is an important tool in your business electrical supply and cost management, you need the experience and reliability that Survival Solutions understands.

If your business uses a lot of plant, machinery and equipment where the current draw on start up or load is significant, a PFC (Power Factor Correction Unit) when installed and maintained can save you a lot of money, substantially reduce your carbon footprint and help reduce equipment breakdown and failure.

Most industrial and commercial premises have inductive loads such as electric motors, ventilation, refrigeration, air conditioning, fluorescent lighting etc, that distort the power supply making it inefficient.

PFC Units are connected to your premises electricity supply, which have banks of capacitors and reactors controlled automatically by a controller to achieve balanced Power Factor and improve power efficiency.

It is a bit like burning extra fuel in your car if you put your floor down every time the lights go green.

If you are looking to invest in a PFC or already have one, we think we can help you. Survival Solutions can help you design and install a PFC, based on your needs or service and ensure it is operating at its maximum capacity.

These units need to be serviced on an annual basis to be checked for full functionality and safety.

This is what you can expect from us:

  • Is the PFC in a suitable location.
  • Is the PFC environment suitable for the equipment to operate in.
  • Is the surrounding area clear of debris.
  • Are all external panels clean and undamaged.
  • Check all connections, cabling, sizing and locations.
  • Check supply to ensure voltages are within tolerance.
  • Check PFC controller functioning correctly.
  • Check Capacitor step operation.
  • Check fan and thermostat operation.
  • Check all terminal connections.
  • Record when the fans were last replaced.
  • Record when the AC Capacitors were last replaced.
  • Check all internal components are free from damage.
  • Check all Capacitors for signs of deformation and leakage.
  • Check step contactor operating correctly.
  • Check fuses ok.
  • Record ambient temperature near PFC unit.
  • Update compliance sticker and prepare report.

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