Design, Install, Commission,

Certify, Warranty, Maintenance

Survival Solutions broad industry skills, coupled with qualified and experienced experts in the design, installation, commissioning, certification and warranties of fire systems, such as detection and sprinkler makes for an ideal partner on your next project.

Survival Solutions offers these services throughout all major cities and regional centres throughout New South Wales with the support our strategic partners.


  • are looking to purchase equipment
  • are a builder working on a new development, upgrade or fire safety order
  • own an existing building that requires a Council fire safety upgrade
  • you own a commercial building, business or strata complex and fire safety products
  • have had a local Council place a Fire Order on your building


whs fire safety management steps

Whatever the project or needs, be it supply only, through to fire system installation and certification our dedicated project management team of competent fire safety practitioners can personally manage your project from start to finish.


Survival Solution stocks and extensive range of fire safety products and can source most equipment required within 24 hours if specialty items are required.


At Survival Solutions we can evaluate drawings, technical specification and scope of works in order to estimate and prepare costings for a range of varied projects, including fire extinguishers, fire and smoke detection systems, EWIS, hydrant, Fire Hose Reels (FHR), exit & emergency lights, fire separation, fire & smoke doors and fire sprinkler systems.


The installation of fire safety systems can be quite broad with regards to the types of projects required, from existing building fire safety upgrades orders, new building defect works, shop fitouts to major sprinkler and detection projects.

Survival Solutions system design and estimators are backed by an outstanding team of experienced and qualified project managers and technical staff, including plumbers, sprinkler fitters, diesel engineers, electricians, carpenters and general service technicians.

All staff have a sound knowledge and in depth understanding of the Building Codes and relevant Australian Installation Standards.


  • automatic fire & smoke detection systems
  • building occupant warning systems (BOWS)
  • emergency warden inter-communications systems (EWIS)
  • residential photo optical smoke alarms (battery, 240 volt and brooks wireless)
  • integration with other key services, eg, mechanical service, access control & other fire services
  • exit & emergency lighting systems
  • electrical equipment test & tag
  • all other fire related electrical works


  • fire sprinkler systems
  • wall wetting drencher systems
  • fire hydrant systems
  • fire sprinkler, hydrant & FHR diesel & electric pump sets
  • fire hose reels
  • hydraulic design
  • hydrostatic testing of fire hydrant systems (5 yearly)
  • fire hydrant flow & pressure testing (annually)
  • hydrant & domestic water supply back-flow testing
  • fire suppression systems


  • portable fire extinguishers
  • fire blankets


  • fire doors, frames & hardware
  • fire barriers, lightweight construction (fire rated gyprock) & containment
  • fire dampers mechanical & passive
  • fire seals, collars & penetrations

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