Emergency Management

Fire Awareness & Emergency Management Education

The key to ensuring a safe work place is through an established & well documented, but practical emergency management procedure. Supported by a small but reliable and enthusiastic group of individuals that form the (ECO) emergency control organisation. These people become known as the chief, deputy chief, area and floor wardens, all of whom should be educated with regards to the emergency procedures, firefighting equipment and systems management including alarm and evacuation.

Emergency management procedures are designed identify and mitigate risk and contribute to an efficient, safe and profitable business. Staff education is therefore a vital component of achieving these outcomes. Survival Solutions offers a range of emergency management education services tailored to suit your business, budget and available time. Training options include:

  • 1. Warden Fire Awareness and Procedures Training
  • 2. Staff Fire Awareness Training
  • 3. Evacuation Drills

These training sessions can be provided individually or as a group session. Many of our customers, in particular aged care, get fire awareness training, which includes theory, hot fire and system training at the same time as evacuation drills, saving time and money.

Staff Fire Awareness Training

Business relies on staff and managers to help identify, mitigate and manage risk within business or investments. The first 60 seconds of any incident involving fire, evacuation and first aid will generally need to be managed by any employee in your business. It is therefore good practice to ensure as many staff as possible have some basic emergency management skills. Survival Solutions training teaches a variety of skills including theory and practical hands on extinguisher and fire systems, such as fire indicator panels.

PREVENTION identify, manage and eliminate potential hazards of fuel and heat (ignition).

CONTAINMENT raising alarm, identification and use of available firefighting appliances, including extinguisher, blankets and FHRs.

EVACUATION initiate and manage an immediate Stage 1 evacuation of occupants to a safe haven if required.

Fire Warden Training

All businesses and building owners need to consider how they will manage an emergency event or fire if it occurs. An emergency can occur for any number of reasons, with each potential scenario requiring different levels of management and evacuation. In order to successfully manage an event such as a building fire, hazardous substance, gas leak or bomb threat, it is critical for a safe and coordinated evaluation and evacuation to take place. In order for this to occur an effective, up to date and educated emergency control organisation (ECO) or Chief Fire, Fire & Area Wardens should be in place.

The size and structure of the ECO can vary significantly depending on the size and complexity of the business or building. Survival Solutions can help businesses evaluate the resources required and implement an effective education program based on existing emergency procedure manuals, types of incidences, use of fire alarm and communication systems.

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Emergency Management Procedures Manuals

Emergency Management Procedure or "Plans" as they are often called come in a variety of sizes, content and quality. Some procedure manuals are too generic and do not reflect the site in which they represent, whilst others are scant in any detail at all, and many are over the top and simply not user friendly. The unfortunate situation is that many businesses simply cut and paste procedure and put in place without any real consideration as to their practicality and then expect staff to efficiently manage an event.

If you think your emergency management plan might reflect the above, act now before it is too late and introduce an effective well practised and managed procedure. Emergency Procedures Manual should be developed in accordance with AS3745-2010, and contain standard details such as the Emergency Control Organisation (your team), types of equipment available, management of a variety of different types of incidents or events, such as fire, smoke, gas leak, hazardous substances and so on.

Survival Solutions can assist you in the revision and modification your existing emergency management procedures manual or the development of a completely new one.

Trial Evacuation Exercise

Once all staff and fire wardens have been trained in accordance with the required emergency management procedures a trial evacuation is a good opportunity to put this to practise in the controlled and safe environment. The size and configuration of the premises, together with the type of occupancy, will determine the time interval between practice evacuations. Trial evacuations should be carried out in accordance with AS 3745-2010, at least once every year. Trial evacuations can be conducted using a fire simulation with our purpose built smoke machine, which can be used to activate alarms (brigade isolated of course) and initiate a real life scenario, whereby staff and ECO can practise the skills gained.

Trial evacuation can be conducted to reflect a stage 1, 2 or complete stage 3 evacuation to an assembly point. Prior to the commencement of trial evacuation, Survival Solutions will meet with the ECO and discuss the scenario and desired outcomes. Once trial evacuation has been completed, a debrief shall occur where the results can be evaluated and procedures modified if required. Trial evacuation exercises are an excellent way to conduct a controlled test of procedures, so that in an actual event all the bugs have been ironed out, ensuring an efficient, reliable and safe evacuation.

Our Smoke Machine

In an effort to help create a real life scenario Survival Solutions can make available our purpose built smoke cloak smoke simulation machine. This machine uses heated toothpaste liquid to produce an odourless smoke that rises just like real smoke. This smoke requires staff to consider how they will locate persons and safely remove them from a building. Our smoke machine is an excellent tool which allows for a realistic experience for staff that helps reinforce the training session by proving a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Briefing & Debriefing

Prior to the commencement of an evacuation exercise the emergency control organisation will be briefed on what to expect and what is expected of them during the exercise. On completion of evacuation drill, all wardens will be debriefed to identify any positive or negative facets of the process for review and or modification.

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