Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS)

The question is ... Do I need a UPS for my computer system?

UPS is an acronym that stands for Uninterruptable Power Supply which is a backup power supply system that helps prevent the impact from power fluctuations, power surges and brown outs alike, where power supply drops momentarily when the energy demand on the grid is high, such as very hot or cold days when the load on supply is greater. Or in some cases complete power failure due to electrical storms or other situations that impact on the power supply.

Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPSS), are mainly installed to ensure a continuous power supply is maintained for critical business system infrastructure such as computers, online management tools, VOIP phone system and vital medical supplies.

The role a UPS system plays in protecting critical and sensitive electrical and electronic infrastructure is vital in ensuring a consistent flow of electricity, preventing damage and potential failure. Although a suitably operating and serviced UPS system is not mandatory for sensitive electronic equipment, it makes good business sense to consider having such equipment installed. Unfortunately, the need for good reliable backup power is often overlooked until it is too late.

Don’t let complacency catch you out, call Survival Solutions today about having a suitable system designed and installed or your current system checked for operational readiness. Unlike specialist suppliers, Survival Solutions has access to and can maintain all brands, including but not limited to, Alpha, Chloride, GE, Eaton and APC just to name a few.

UPSS or Battery Backups: What can you expect?

Depending on your needs, back up power supplies can be installed between the power point and equipment being protected or hardwired into a circuit or circuits to protect a range of equipment. UPS Systems come in many different power ratings and can be designed to meet the backup power supply requirements of your infrastructure.

UPS systems contain one or more internal batteries or external battery packs on larger systems. These batteries are all rechargeable and maintained from the mains power consistently, ensuring they are fully charged when required. Failing or old batteries can be a fire hazard and should be inspected annually and replaced if failing or when they expire.

The front of the UPS system will often have an on/off switch and sometimes have one or more additional buttons that perform a different task. More complex UPS systems will often include LCD screens that provide more detailed data about the status of the backup power supply.

A small UPS will keep a small computer and monitor running for approximately 10 minutes allowing for saving of files and a controlled shutdown if a blackout continues.

There are different types of UPS Systems.

Standby Offline
These systems are back up power supplies by way of battery banks that remain charged when 240 volt power is connected, operating through a power converter when power is lost. An example of this type of system would be like an exit light that operates under normal power when connected, but switches to operate off the DC back up power when AC is lost.

Line Interactive
This method is where the systems operate from the charged battery system constantly, including when power is lost. An example of this type of system would be a laptop computer.

On-line UPS
On-line UPS protect against all types of power problems by running constantly offering the most protection. The connected equipment is constantly being supplied by an inverter which receives its power from rectifying the mains to DC. The inverter continuously creates 100% new, clean and regulated AC power in all situations. The only exception is extended blackouts when the batteries eventually drain.

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Have you ever considered what happens to medical supplies and vaccination when there is a blackout?

We all know what it is like to lose power at the worst times, when it’s hot, cold or during a storm. But have you ever thought what do they do when medical supplies must be kept at a given temperature. There are some simple tips that work well for short term power loss such as:

  • • Have ice bricks available wrapped in bubble wrap at the ready
  • • Place as sign on the fridge door warning to keep closed
  • • Tape the door closed to prevent accidental opening

But what if the power supply was disrupted for several hours or even days?
Survival Solutions, in conjunction with our UPS technical team has developed an alternate reliable solution. Mobile UPS or uninterrupted power supply systems is the answer. We have developed and are now selling and renting our mobile back up power supply units to medical centres, dentists, chemists and vets to help protect this vital medical supply in the event of power loss. This simple but effective solution can be designed to suit a variety of applications and is simple to install and use.

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