Council Fire Safety Certificates

What is a Competent Fire Safety Practitioner CFSP?

A competent fire safety practitioner or CFSP is an industry professional recognised by the NSW Government and the Fire Protection Association of Australia or FPAA, as an experienced and qualified individual, who can design, endorse or certify fire safety systems compliant with the NSW Environmental and Planning regulations, Building Code and Australian Standards.

These three categories require different skill sets and endorsements. Survival Solutions' Managing Director, Jeff Terry is endorsed as an accredited practitioner of fire safety, with an accreditation number of F004735A.

This accreditation allows Jeff and Survival Solutions to access and certify fire safety measures listed on a fire safety schedule and annual fire safety statement (AFSS), including, but not limited to, sprinklers, detection systems and mechanical air handling.

Jeff and Survival Solutions are accredited to assess and certify all fire safety measures listed in a building, performance or alternate solutions and paths of travel and egress. Covering the Central Coast, Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Hunter, Survival Solutions can assist you with any building compliance and certification needs.

Fire Safety Certificates

Annual Fire Safety Statements (AFSS) or Fire Safety Certificates as they are often referred is like getting an annual registration on building, just like you would a motor vehicle.

Once complete an AFSS list each of the fire safety measures or equipment required within the building and confirms they are functioning in accordance with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) or National Construction Code (NCC) as it now know and relevant Australian Installation Standard.


The Alliance of Equipment Maintenance & Certification

When a building is approved for construction, the owner of the proposed building, architect, fire safety consultant and at times engineers, will establish the use and size of the proposed building.


Annual Certification

The initial fire safety certificate is only applicable for twelve months from the date it was processed and must be renewed each year with a new document, which is called an Annual Fire Safety Statement or AFSS. This document is highly regulated by the NSW government and is required to allow continued occupation of the building.


Short-Term Rental Accommodation (STRA)

Survival Solutions is your one-stop shop to manage all of your STRA compliance needs.

 Smoke and Heat Alarms Wireless interconnected with non-removable 10-year lithium batteries.
 Evacuation Diagrams installed on or adjacent to the entrance and bedroom doors.
 Fire Extinguisher and Fire Blankets.
 Bush Fire Emergency information and advice.
 Emergency contact numbers for your area.
 Assessment report on egress doors in class two and four dwellings.


Airbnb and other short terms rental accommodation will be regulated in NSW from 1 November 2021, with the new conduct of conduct and fire safety regulation taking effect. The new fire safety rules have been introduced to create a reasonable balance between safety and cost.

These new rules will impact residential houses and units that are …

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