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Survival Solutions is pleased to have an opportunity to provide you with this vital life and property saving equipment.

Installation Instructions

Install this equipment in a visible location, out of reach of small children, at least one metre from cook top or BBQ, preferably near an exit.

Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers

Check annually by removing from the bracket, turning upside down and giving a light shake. This will dislodge any powder and extend its use. Check gauge is within the green zone and the handle is secure.

Use of Fire Extinguishers

  • Pull pin or release handle on small extinguishers.
  • Aim at the source of fire (1-2 metres distance from fire).
  • Squeeze the trigger or handle.
  • Sweep back and forth, up or down as required.

Home Fire Safety when Cooking

  • Heat cooking oil carefully and slowly in the right size saucepan to avoid fat splatters.
  • Ensure you have an operating smoke alarm, particularly in bedrooms.
  • Use electrical power supply timers on electric blankets.
  • Turn pot and pan handles inwards so they won't be knocked over.
  • Clean your stove or grill after each use and clean the range hood filter and all kitchen appliances regularly.
  • Ensure clothing and materials are kept away from heaters or fires.
  • Ensure that all cooking appliances are turned off after use.
  • Ensure you clean lint from dryer regularly.
  • Check BBQ is clean, has good connections and have an extinguisher available.
  • Don't leave your cooking unattended. If you must leave the kitchen turn off the hotplate.
  • Don't wear clothes with loose fitting sleeves whilst cooking.
  • Don't keep your tea towels, oven mitts and other flammable items near the stove, grill or cook top.
  • Ensure flammable liquids are stored safety in shed and that an extinguisher is available.
  • Don't use water to put out fat and oil fires. Water can cause the fire to spread rapidly and cause horrific burns as it expands by thousands of times when it comes into contact with hot (700°C) cooking oil.
  • If a kitchen fire occurs and you don't feel confident you can put it out, switch off the appliance, leave the premises and call the fire service on Triple Zero (000) from a safe place.



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