Fire Training

Staff Fire Awareness & Equipment Training

Fire safety in the workplace begins with your staff, as in most cases, your team will be best positioned to identify and report anything out of the ordinary, and it is these tools of awareness that is your best protection.

The objective of staff fire awareness training is to equip a selected group with an understanding of how to mitigate and manage the risk of fire in the workplace.

Survival Solutions fire awareness training, focuses on three essential elements, through

  • ✓ Personal safety and identifying workplace hazards and risk
  • ✓ Understanding potential fuel and ignition sources within the workplac
  • ✓ Identification, location and use of firefighting equipment available
  • ✓ Evacuation limitations, planning and stages
  • ✓ Hot Fire Training
  • ✓ Evacuation drills or practise

Live Hot Fire Training

smoke machine simulator staff fire training

Our unique and safe gas-operated fire training equipment offers the best possible practical experience for all staff and only takes about 15 minutes to train about 20 staff.

This is a beneficial and fun method of teaching staff how to use a fire extinguisher safely using the PASS method:
1. Pull the pin by twisting and removing
2. Aim at the base of the fire
3. Squeeze the trigger
4. Sweep back and forth, up and down as required

Fire Warden Training

All businesses and building owners need to consider how they will manage an emergency event or fire if it occurs. An emergency can occur for any number of reasons, with each potential scenario requiring different levels of management and evacuation. To successfully manage an event such as a building fire, hazardous substance, gas leak or bomb threat, it is critical for a safe and coordinated evaluation and evacuation to take place. For this to occur an effective, up to date and educated emergency control organisation (ECO) or Chief Fire, Fire & Area Wardens should be in place and trained.


Evacuation Diagrams or Plans

fire emergency evacuation plans

The purpose of evacuation diagrams is to help facilitate the effective and informed evacuation of staff, clients and any other building occupants in the event of an emergency, through sound building orientation, exits and evacuation routes to a designated emergency assembly area. Emergency evacuation diagrams can form a vital link in safe building evacuation and required in all building as per the WH &S Act 201. Evacuation Procedures are designed by the Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, in which there is are a requirement for evacuation diagrams.


Evacuation Plans & Procedures

Emergency Management Procedure or Evacuation Plans as they are often called come in a variety of sizes, content and quality. Some procedure manuals are too generic and do not reflect the site in which they represent, while others are scant in any detail at all, and many are over the top and only not user friendly. The unfortunate situation is that many businesses simply cut and paste procedures, implementing them without any real consideration as to their practicality and then expect staff to manage an event efficiently.


Trial Evacuations

workplace staff fire training

Trial evacuations are a simple, yet effective method of testing your Emergency Control Organisation ECO (wardens) capacity of managing a potential emergency within your building or business. Trial evacuation or drill is a safe method of testing the ECO and staff in a calm, yet controlled environment well in advance a real emergency.

This trial evacuation is conducted with a pre-evacuation review of procedures and planned scenario, followed by actual evacuation drill and then a post-trial review. Following these drills Survival Solution will provide a report outlining the good, the bad and the ugly, allowing for continuous improvements. AS 3745 2010 call for annual review, training and testing of the ECO and evacuation drill, which Survival Solutions can assist with.

Our Smoke Machine

To help create a real-life scenario, Survival Solutions can make available our purpose-built smoke simulation machine. This machine uses heated toothpaste liquid to produce an odourless smoke that rises just like real smoke. This smoke requires staff to consider how they will locate persons and safely remove them from a building. Our smoke machine is an excellent tool which allows for a realistic experience for staff that helps reinforce the training session by proving a memorable and enjoyable experience.

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