Fire Equipment Servicing

INSPECTION & TESTING of Fire Safety Equipment & Systems

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Inspection, service and maintenance of fire protection equipment is carried out in accordance with a variety of Australian Standards, to ensure the fire safety systems and equipment are installed in your building, business and plant are functioning as designed. The routine inspection intervals of fire safety systems and equipment general include monthly, six monthly and annual in most cases. The most common types of equipment, including portable fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, exit signs and emergency lights require six monthly inspections. Whereas, fire sprinkler & detection systems are tested monthly. Survival Solutions can assist you with an urgent or regular inspection and certification (AFSS) of your fire safety systems and equipment, whether it is a once only inspection or routine programmed maintenance and annual building certification, managed for you through our online client management system simPRO Customer Connect.


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Our online client management technology is changing the way fire safety equipment and system is being managed into the future.

If you are looking for a service provider with a significant point of difference that allows real time asset management and reporting than look no further. We invite you to experience what our new online client management system Customer Connect can bring to your business.

If reducing compliance cost without comprising service appeals to you than having your fire safety business managed by Survival Solutions through simPRO customer connects is the answer.

Whether you have a single building or multiple sites and businesses across Australia, Survival Solutions online client management system CUSTOMER CONNECT, allows unrivalled client access to every individual site managed by us. Including access to service history and asset data, book jobs and review status, review and approve pending quotes, pay and review invoices all online. Access is simple with the issue of a URL, username and password.

Pressure Testing & Recharge of Fire Extinguishers

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Fire extinguishers can be a vital life and property saving device which is important to ensure will work. Fire extinguishers have a life cycle of 10 -15 years when maintained correctly and part of this maintenance schedule is a (5) five yearly pressure test and recharge in accordance with Australian Standards 1851. The date in which this is determined is from the date of manufacture, which is stamped on the cylinder. The fire extinguisher is removed from site, with a loan unit being left in its place for the duration of pressure testing. Pressure testing and recharging are carried out, with the extinguisher being discharged, an internal inspection and cylinder pressure test is completed before cleaning, replacing valves and seals, refilling and re-charging. Once this is completed a renewal date is stamped into the extinguisher, which gives another 5 years of service. The extinguisher is then returned to your building or business.

Why is pressure testing a better option than buying new?

  • It is better for the environment, just like any other recycling initiative.
  • Pressure testing of fire extinguisher allows existing units to be cost effectively refurbished and given a new 5 year lease of life, which is the same as a new unit.
  • In most cases the cost of pressure testing is much less than buying a new unit.
  • The disposal cost of unwanted extinguishers is very costly both in terms of money and the environment.

Survival Solutions state of the art pressure test facility in Tuggerah uses no water or drying equipment. Contact Survival Solutions today and find out how you can help our environment for no extra cost.

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