Fire Awareness & Equipment Training

Empowering your team with essential fire safety knowledge

Teaching fire and safety management skills for a safer premises

At Survival Solutions, our primary objective is to instil a profound sense of awareness, confidence, and competency in every participant during our Fire Awareness and Equipment Training Sessions.

The training can include

Our team of instructors comprises qualified and passionate educators who are committed to delivering engaging and informative sessions. They create an environment where active participation is encouraged, ensuring that attendees not only learn but also take ownership of their fire safety knowledge.

Why choose us?

Here at Survival Solutions, our foundations rest on three core values: reliability, professionalism and knowledge.

Our expert team guides you through the complexities of fire compliance, providing accurate assessments, premium equipment servicing and essential installations in line with AFSS requirements.

Why? Because the safety of your building occupants, business and investment is our top priority.

Local Expertise:

As a local service provider, we understand the unique needs of our Central Coast and Newcastle clients, ensuring we offer personalised fire safety solutions that suit you best.

End-to-End Solutions:

From assessment through to equipment installation and ongoing maintenance, we offer a seamless and comprehensive fire safety solution.

Peace of Mind:

Our reliable and knowledgeable team ensures your property remains compliant and protected, giving you the peace of mind you deserve all year round.


Ideally, all team members should have a basic understanding of fire safety. This training is particularly valuable for a selected group of the team who may take on roles as fire wardens or safety officers.

This training typically covers fire prevention, identification of fire hazards, the correct use of fire safety equipment, evacuation procedures, and how to respond effectively in the event of a fire.

Staff trained in fire awareness can contribute to a safer work environment and living space by reducing the risk of fires and ensuring a coordinated response in case of emergencies. It also promotes compliance with fire safety regulations and standards.

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