Fire Blankets

Having the correct fire safety equipment in place can help protect you and your family in the event of a fire emergency. Fire blankets are an essential fire safety item for all homes, buildings, boats or cars. Fire blankets are designed to smother small fires and keep them from spreading further. In the attached video, our director Jeff Terry demonstrates the correct use of a fire blanket on a live fire.

To use a fire blanket, remove it from the storage bag by pulling it down and out with the black tabs that hang from the bottom, cover hands, arms, body and face and place blanket over the fire. Leave the fire blanket in place until the fire has been extinguished completely and the fuel (cooking oil) cools, ensuring gas or electricity is turned off.

If you would like to book a live fire training session for your team, please send an enquiry or call 1300 040 362.

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