Prepare for Summer NOW – Early Summer Bushfire risk as El Nino Declared

Well haven’t the early days of September 2023 been hot in Eastern Australia, with record breaking temperatures. Australia has been being reported as the most fire-prone country on the planet, and following three consecutive La Niña cycles, there is now plenty of fuel ready to burn.

El Nino, a fancy word for long hot and dry weather patterns has now been declared for Australia’s summer.

This weather pattern is likely going to cause the substantial undergrowth throughout the Australian bush to become dry and readily able to burn, and burn fast!

Some important things to do in preparation for this period of El Nino:

Fire hydrants are a critical asset when it comes to protecting your building or business in the event of a fire. With El Nino being declared the risk of catastrophic bushfires is on the cards, and all fire safety assets will be valuable, especially hydrant systems.

Although hydrants are tested annually to ensure they have adequate flow and pressure for the brigade to fight a building or neaby bushfire, it is important to have a complete health check every five years.

When did you have your last health check on your hydrant system?

For an obligation-free audit call Survival Solutions today so we can give you a better picture on your hydrant system readiness.

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